Information Technology Tools

This page is where I will list the Information Technology tools that I create or that I find useful.

My Tools

MediaID Generator

Useful Tools


If you need a flexible and free secure file shredder, eraser simply cannot be beat. It can be run as a service so that it is always in your system tray. Both free and open source eraser is simply one of the easiest and best written file shredders. 


Rufus is a tool useful to turn any iso into a bootable USB drive. If you would like to for example create a dedicated USB drive just for installing Windows, this is the ticket.


More and more if you do a lot of IT work you will find yourself looking for another USB drive with with enough space to use as an installer or maybe you would like to put many tools on  just one device you can carry with you, Ventoy sets up in seconds. Setup is fast, just install ventoy on a drive and it will create  a hidden partition that is a boot partition, Then all you do is drop ISOs onto the drive and if you boot from that drive you will see a menu item for any iso on the disk. Simply highlight the item you want to start such as “Install Windows 10” or “Install Winsdows 11” and hit enter and you are off to the races. I have a 2TB drive that should last me a long time. No more searching for hard drives.