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Q. What is the purpose of this page?

A. The purpose of this page is to generate a six digit "Media ID" a alphanumeric code that is made up of only upper case charachters and numerals. This provides a numbers space of 2,176,782,336 over two billion possible outcomes. A media ID is useful to tag any media that you handle. As a forensic scientist I prefer all of my media to be labeled with a useful lable so that I can either inventory what is on a drive, or simply keep track of various drives when they are connected.

Q. What does one do with the media ID, copy it using the copy button and then rename the drive pasting the media ID as the label of the drive electronically. It is also useful to mechanically print the ID on a label on the exterior of the drive. I recommend label printers by Nimbot. They have a high quality printer and seven layer labels that have excellent wear charachteristics and does not require ribbons, they are a moden thermal printer allowing you to print human readable codes, along with barcodes or QR codes.

Q. What else can you do with the media ID?

A. You can create a file at the root of the drive to identify the drive when you see it in the finder. You can also create a file called mediaID.txt and place the drive label in that file. It wold then be possible to read the drive lable in with a script for automation.

Q. What is the deal with the admin code?

A. Some secure applicaitons, formats or other tools allow you to protect a drive with a password, pin or similar to gain access to the drive as a user or administrator. This is most useful if you are using drives manufactured by Apricorn by simply copying the admin code and pasting it into a record for the drive associated with that media ID.

Q. Do you save or collect any of these codes?

A. NO. These codes are created using Javascript Client side and are never stored or known to our servers in any way, you just see them in your browser.

You may use this tool free of charge for any use. You may modify this code to meet your own needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at andresen dot eric at gmail dot com.