Hi my name is Eric Andresen. I am  a seasoned IT professional from Milan, Illinois with over three decades of experience working with technology of all kinds from 16mm film projectors to Virtualization, SANS, VoiP and Cloud Services, and not just making it all work, and work together, but making it all work together safely in todays digital society.  I am also a husband, father,  grandfather and even a Cancer Survivor. 

In addition to my interests in technology and my family, I really enjoy media of all kinds. I am an audiophile, videophile. enjoy reaching both for entertainment and to learn new skills. This allows me to enjoy a good movie once in a while, some great television shows, and even a Vinyl LP once in a while.

I love photography and the digital post production of photos. Hopefully this grows into a great forum for us to share ideas and interests together.