An Introduction to Writing

Writing is how we commemorate thoughts in our minds so they will carry on without us. It sets our ideas free.

Everyone can do this, and realizing this power gives the ideas in your head wings. Soon you find that others are promoting your ideas, maybe in different conversations, maybe in different time zones, but this thought of having the ideas take on their own life is a significant advantage of writing.

Sometimes you have to pass on basic information. As a technical writer, I have written instruction guides from the simplest things to complex software that had to be built and then deployed in a large international company.

Other times you need to write to convince if you have a new idea that is significantly different from others, putting your ideas down on paper, or a PowerPoint, or yes even in a spreadsheet, that can be writing.

I write in many different forms, some of them Electronic and some of them on paper. One thing I have discovered is that I don’t enjoy writing in electronic mediums the same way that I enjoy writing on paper with a fountain pen.

There is something about writing on paper that I do enjoy a great deal and that is the basis for this whole section of my website.

Here I plan to post information about all things related to writing, which can be a very broad number of items including pens, inks, papers, postal mail, mail art, stamps, stickers, and more. I hope you find yourself coming back to this section and enjoying it.

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