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    3D Printing

    What I have learned in a week of 3D printing

    We have all heard about the promise of 3D printing. Some would have you believe that this is the future of all mankind and that in the future everyone will own a 3D printer and print products instead of purchasing them from the store. I am here to tell you, if that is our future, we are many decades away from it. 3D printing or what is known as “Fused Filament Fabrication” by those in the know, basically squirts a plastic like substance down on a glass plate until it forms a thing. The things are the result of any 3D modeling program that can export in the STL file…

  • Cybersecurity

    Value of a Cybersecurity Strategy

    Strategy (Definition): A high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. It seems like never in the history of man would conditions of uncertainty more relevant than in the day and age of cyber-risk. It seems like each day, there is some new cyber event or data breach being reported. If you find yourself tasked with the responsibility to protect your organization, you might consider working with your business leaders to adopt a cybersecurity strategy. A strategy is a document that can really help guide your organization thorough the unknown, by helping to keep you focused on planned outcomes. It is also a great document to…

  • Photography

    Color Changing Truck

    Photoshop is very powerful and allows you to change the color of any object to any color you want. The results are stunning. The images below are the results of about an hour of setup, but I think with some practice you could probably complete a project like this in just a few minutes. Click through the images below and tell me, do you think you can trust the colors of any image you see?