deepsix is an awesome tool to use when you need any random string such as a media ID to apply to a disk volume, a randomized password, or any other…

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People don’t TALK about Cancer, and the result is there is a lot of very old and disturbingly bad information out there about cancer. I am hoping that by writing about it, someone will read this and it may help them or their family on their journey.

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Me in the hospital October 2019


/boo-mer-ang/ Return to the originator, often with negative consequences.  Friday the 4th when I left my chemo appointment I felt okay. I had no signs of nausea and actually had…

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Unexpected Side Effects
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Unexpected Side Effects

This post chronicles the things they don't tell you to prepare for when you are told you have cancer. Some things you think about that maybe if I didn't tell you, then you would have no way to know how they deeply effected me. Writing about this helps me more than it helps you, but if you are interested, I invite you to read along and look into what I am experiencing.

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