Pilot Metropolitain

This is the pen that started it all for me. Christmas of 2020 this pen was on my Christmas list and my daughter Jackie picked it up for me. Little did I know this one modest pen would start a love affair with Foutain Pens. 

This pen comes in a lovely gift box. It comes with one black ink cartridge and a CON-40 converter that allows you to use bottled ink in the pen. It has a nice heft as the barrel and cap are made of metal and the section is made of high-quality plastic. This is not a cheaply made pen, it is high quality through and through. 

The pen is priced as a beginner pen. If you don’t know for sure if you are sold on a fountain pen and want to start with something a cut above a disposable this is a great choice. Millions of people have started with a Pilot Metropolitan and have had a good experience. 

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